Who the heck is Janet Napoles?


Forgive the slang but Janet Lim-Napoles’ alleged overwhelming wealth may have really gotten to her head that she now have the guts to say something like she “does not trust the NBI” that is why she chose to surrender to the President. Justice Secretary Leila De Lima was quick to rebut the alleged pork barrel mastermind’s statement telling media that they don’t care about whether Janet trusts the NBI. “Sino sya?” (who is she?) asked De Lima.

Exactly. Who the heck is Janet Napoles? Why is the government of the Republic of the Philippines making all efforts to make sure she gets a comfortable house arrest? (Yes. I would still consider it a house arrest unless they send her to an ordinary jail to live along with ordinary inmates). Why do our officials listen to her seemingly fake drama and provide her all the care in the world like a baby? In my opinion, she does not even deserve to meet the president and the thought of Pnoy receiving Napoles in the palace makes me sick. Unless it is true that they are “friends”?

Moreover, I can’t believe that our government is sending Janet Napoles to the same retreat house where former president Joseph Estrada, his son Senator Jinggoy Estrada and former MNLF Leader Nur Misuari were convicted. Not that I consider those names more important. What I mean is, except for the truth that she has yet to spill in court, Janet Napoles is far less than important a person as compared to all the attention she is getting.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said via DZMM radio Monday that what they are doing isn’t a special treatment to Janet Napoles but  rather, just a protection amid threats to her life being the key to all the names behind the P10 billion pork barrel scam.

This ‘no-choice’ statement of Mr. Lacierda makes me wonder what the Palace is thinking about Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s suggestion to perform a ‘perpetuation of testimony’ in order to preserve what Napoles know about the pork barrel scam for future use in case she dies a sudden death (I hope not and God bless her poor soul because I know she has tried to be a good mother to her children at the very least). Senator Santiago actually has a brilliant suggestion and yet the palace officials seems to ignore it. Why? Are they not open to new ideas when it comes to the Napoles issue? Again, why?

Why is the Supreme Court delaying the process whereas they could just order Janet to talk, record and document her sworn statements and send her to ordinary jail where ordinary female inmates are supposed to be jailed? Why is she so important? As a responsible tax payer of this country, it drives me mad that we have a government who does not have the balls to stand by its people and by its promises.

Last night, I heard on the radio that NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas tendered a courtesy resignation after President Aquino said he ‘doesn’t trust” the agency anymore. The president’s statement is linked to two high ranking officials of NBI who allegedly tipped Janet Napoles’s camp about the whereabouts of the police team who are supposed to arrest her resulting to her multiple escapes before voluntarily surrendering to the president or so it seems. Instead of encouraging the NBI to perform better, it looks like the Commander-in-Chief is demotivating the agency and its members while confusing the Filipino people as to which branch of government really deserves to be trusted.

But the citizens of the Philippines are sick and tired of all the Janet Napoles drama. In my own observation, it looks as though 80% of all daily news is about Napoles and yet days gone by without a clear answer as to where the P10 billion is and whether it will still be returned to the Filipinos in order to build their welfare and improve their standard of living. As per the last update I have seen on ABS-CBN, another whistleblower told media that Napoles’ frozen bank accounts are now zero-balance. So where is the money now? Why not focus as to where the money is heading now instead of baby-sitting Mrs. Napoles?

This opinion may be poorly written and poorly researched as most critics would say of unknown journalists like me. But I took the liberty to write my thoughts here because I was compelled by the fact that every good tax payer will be able to relate to what I have just said. I hope every corrupt official and every thief such as those hiding behind the mask of so-called “non-government organizations” (NGOs) out there realizes how painful it is to see a big portion of your earnings going to taxes that are easily and discretely pocketed by those who are in power. Put our taxes to where we can see them and we will not complain!

Janet Napoles should not be treated as if she was a VIP. If proven guilty, she and everyone involved in the pork barrel scam should be sent to regular jail to live among those who have violated the law. Actually, I am not interested in Napoles at all. I am more interested in the names of the politicians that will come out when she finally sing. These criminals should be taught how to scrub the dirty floor in order for them to learn their life lessons the hard way. Otherwise, this would create an ugly picture of what justice is really all about and to whom it is only entitled to in this doomed country.

And as for Janet Napoles, — well, if it is true that she is the mastermind– then, she must be laughing now. Laughing at the NBI and our poor judicial system that they have given her a comfortable resting place while millions of Filipino taxpayers drag themselves to work everyday just so she and her greedy gang can enjoy more years of lavish living. She maybe is laughing at the president or laughing at the Filipino people while the Philippines is being laughed at by other countries in the world.

And take note, this has always been the scenario. Parati na lang pong ganito.

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